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January 21, 2011

Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing, also referred to as web marketing, online marketing, or e-Marketing, is when you leverage the Internet as a means of communicating your marketing message to attract prospects and convert them into clients or customers.

As one of South Africa’s leading Internet Marketing Agencies, Purple Cow specialises in developing dynamic online advertising and search marketing strategies for local and international brands that deliver exceptional Return On Investment (ROI).


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO ensures that your website is in line with search engine best practices; actively attract relevant traffic to your products and services.

Read about our SEO Services.


Website Optimization

Website optimization ensures that your web pages are performing optimally in terms of usability and conversion industry best practices.

Read about our Website Optimization Services.


Email Marketing

Email marketing aims to enhance relationships between you and your target market, increasing your customer base and your market share.

Read about our Email Marketing Services.


Pay Per Click Advertising

An integral component of search marketing, PPC promotes your organisation using ad placements on Google, other major search engines and partner sites.

Read about our PPC Advertising Services.


Web Design

This refers to the design of a website. Effectively attract and retain online target markets through the use of concise and engaging web content.

Read about our Web Design Services.


Web Development

Web development components are varied and can be used to ensure that your online presence is far reaching, professional and strategic.

Read about our Web Development Services.


Social Media Marketing

Utilise the ever-growing, popular social networking platforms to engage, entertain and interact with target audiences on a personal level.

Read about our Social Media Marketing Services.


Online Advertising

Online advertisers attract customers through contextual adverts placed on a range of online platforms, utilise the reaching power of the Internet.

Read about our Online Advertising Services.



Effective copy persuades readers to buy products or services, subscribe to communications or make contact with your enterprise.

Read about our Copywriting Services.


Mobile Web Design

This the creation of sites for display on mobile devices. Ensure your enterprise’s information is accessible to people browsing on their cell phones.

Read about our Mobile Web Design Services.


Mobile Development

Mobile development is the inception and construction of Mobi sites, e-commerce functionality and application software (apps) for handheld devices.

Read about our Mobile Development Services.


Mobile Marketing

A mobile marketing campaign ensures that you engage with your target audience via handheld devices while they’re on the move.

Read about our Mobile Marketing Services.


Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management specialists monitor the Internet (especially Search Engine Results Pages and social media) to protect a brands’ character.

Read about our ORM Services.


Internet Business Consulting

We can help you establish and maintain an effective online presence that works as hard as you do to increase your brand’s exposure on the Internet.

Read about our Internet Business Consulting Services.



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